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Associate Project Manager 

Level: 4

Duration: Typically 24 Months

Job Title: Project Manager

Funding Band: £6000

Modules: 24

Qualification: APM Project Manager 

What Will I Learn?

This higher level 4 Project Management apprenticeship is designed to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours of someone who has to manage both small and large projects. The potential opportunities available for organisations are huge as projects can be large or small, defined and delivered within different contexts and across diverse industry sectors.

16 One-Day Workshops

The following sixteen one-day workshops are included:

Organisational Governance

Project Life Cycles

Communication and Stakeholder Management

Resource and Procurement

Practical Project Management – Monitoring

Organisational Structure

Context and Environmental Factors that Impact on Projects

Planning for Success; Scope Management

Practical Project Management – Planning

Risk and Quality

Presentation Skills

Review Workshop

Preparation for APM Project Management Qualification

Practical Project Management – Evaluation

Practical Project Management

Also Included:

Monthly telephone-based portfolio review 1-2-1 Sessions

Quest Profiler ™

APM Examination

Mock EPA

Work Base Learning

Action Learning Sets / Group Coaching

Peer-to-Peer learning e.g. shadowing


Business improvement / Service improvement project(s)

Reflective journal writing, portfolio evidence gathering

Coaching & Mentoring with business sponsor

Guided reading and video plus knowledge review

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