What – Our Training

Off-the-shelf or tick box training just isn’t us


We do believe, however, we have an option that’s just right for you, that will really make a difference for your people and organisation

Our philosophy at Lighthouse is simple:

To be the best at what we do; delivering extraordinary people development interventions; precisely tailored, motivational, fun and challenging. Most importantly, we make sure we make a real difference

Experiential Learning

Our learning is practical and focused on learning transfer. Theories are brought to life by the inclusion of practical exercises which will give delegates the opportunity to experiment with alternative behaviours and approaches in a safe environment. After the exercises, our consultants lead facilitated reviews which offer learners the chance to give and receive feedback from one another on the impact of their behaviour; what they did well and what they could do differently in the future

Experiential Learning1

We ask delegates to share what they have been doing differently as a result of the things they have learnt, together with any successes and ongoing challenges. In our experience, this significantly increases the likelihood that participants will not only understand and use the learning, but it also increases the extent to which behavioural change is sustained over the longer-term

Tailored Training



Experience tailored, bespoke training crafted specifically for your needs.




Funded by the Government Apprenticeship Levy

CITB Short courses

CITB Grant Funded Leadership and Management short courses

NHS Leadership Academy

Our apprenticeships with integrate the Edward Jenner and Mary Seacole programmes

Energy & Utility Skills

Energy & Utility Skills

The Supervisory Skills scheme, launching soon

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