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We are so proud of our people; they really are a caring, fun and inspirational bunch to work with. Quite rightly, we try to walk the talk, doing all we can to make sure our people love their time at work.


Gill Shimmon

Managing Director

About Gill
Starting her career in the banking world, Gill took on a range of leadership roles before moving into the world of training and consultancy in the early 2000’s.  She spent some years working as a training consultant before forming Lighthouse in 2012.  These days Gill focuses more on running the business than delivering training but still works with a few longstanding clients. Gill is passionate about helping people to see themselves as others do, and adapting their approach accordingly.  She does this with the use of psychometrics and 360 feedback, particularly supporting Senior Leadership Teams. Outside work Gill loves travelling, wine and watching Lewis Hamilton….not necessarily in that order!

Charlie Hill

Director / Head of Programmes

About Charlie

Charlie has had a varied career including being a tax accountant, director of golf and a self-employed coach, all of which has led to her dream job as Director of Lighthouse. Charlie has a genuine belief in people development. Everyone has hidden or untapped talents, and Charlie wants Lighthouse to deliver programmes that enable our delegates to explore and discover how they can be their best at work – whatever their job. Charlie enjoys sport, particularly golf and cricket, is an avid reader and spends the weekends walking on the Suffolk Coast – whatever the weather.


Director of Wellbeing and Tennis balls
About Sally
Has a way with people that’s hard to train…normally just a slight tilt of the head is all that’s required to move our focus from business, to the all-consuming delight of fetch.

Training Consultants

Michelle Harrington

About Michelle

Michelle is a Senior Training Professional, delivering many successful training interventions, with completion of all elements of the training cycle. As a Senior Training Manager, she led director sponsored training and development that reached over 1000 sales staff, along with regional and head office support teams in the financial services arena. Michelle creates an interactive learning environment, allowing practical illustrations to “hit the mark”, creating space for leaners to consider the impact they generate within their workplace, along of course with potential change they may wish to consider.

Ian Glenister


David Allen


Alison Darrington

About Alison

Alison knew from a young age she wanted to be a Manager and Clarks gave her the opportunity to be on their Leadership program after leaving school. Upon completion this led her to a career with Clarks that included running several stores in South London and also running a project in Spain for a few years. Having broadened her people development expertise, she realised her work passion was more about people becoming the best they can be, rather than in operations, and became a freelance trainer in 2006. Out of work, she enjoys gardening, socialising and family time.

Niki Dole

About Niki

Niki embarked on her professional journey at Thomas Cook (RIP), discovering her fervor for training. With extensive HR and Learning and Development skills experience in Retail & Construction, she transitioned to become an Associate Trainer for Lighthouse Group in September 2021. 

Niki is dedicated to inspiring her delegates to unlock their potential by applying learned skills in the workplace. Her facilitation style is marked by high engagement and interaction, ensuring a memorable learning experience for her participants.

Ward Atkinson

About Ward

Ward, a Certified Principal Business Psychologist, brings 25 years of experience in organisational development and learning. A Registered Scientist and a member of both the British Psychological Society and the Psychological Society of Ireland. Ward specialises in designing management and leadership programs, His international talent programs have impacted individuals from more than 20 countries. All his work has two enduring themes: Learning and Behaviour, helping people learn from their experiences and to improve interactions with others. Outside work, Ward enjoys watching judo (bones not as young so doesn’t play as much), reading, and cooking.

Jude Boardman

About Jude

I design, deliver and facilitate high impact learning whilst building strong, productive working relationships with key stakeholders.  I have extensive experience of management and leadership development from facilitated learning to delivering appropriate training solutions whilst providing a strong and enjoyable learning experience. 

One of my foundation values is that of authenticity and Emotional Intelligence, I feel it’s incredibly important that individuals are given the strategies and reflection time in order for them to then demonstrate behaviours in an authentic way that benefits themselves and the organisation they work for.

I have a huge interest in Menopause and how we can not only manage but also develop our confidence and skill set during this period. 

I enjoy running, weights and reading anything and everything but hate baking, that’s for Mary Berry…

Tutor Team

Samm Gardiner

Apprenticeship Tutor

About Samm
Samm has 18+ years of experience in Operations including Team Leading, Resourcing, Training, HR, Recruitment and Projects. In her spare time she enjoys history and watching Marvel and Star Trek.

Julie Neal

Apprenticeship Tutor

About Julie
After working for 30 years plus in the software development business delivering successful product releases, Julie took the opportunity to move into the adult training arena using the knowledge, skills and behaviours developed over the years. Now her children are grown up and taking on the world, Julie is working hard in her spare time on reducing her handicap and losing less balls on the golf course.

Angela Jessup

Apprenticeship Tutor

About Angela
An experienced customer focused professional with a career predominantly spent managing and supporting clients and people.  Apart from spending time with anything that has fur and 4 legs, Angela enjoys nothing more than helping and supporting others to be the best they can be.

Lisa Collins

Apprenticeship Tutor

Debbie Willis

Apprenticeship Tutor


Vicki Studd

Operations Manager

About Vicki
Vicki joined lighthouse just over a year ago having come from customer service and operational management background for 11 years. Vicki enjoys supporting people and getting the best out of them hence why she loves her job. Outside of work Vicki enjoys playing football and spending time with her family and friends.

Grant Cullen

Curriculum Lead

About Grant

Grant has been in Learning and Development for 30 years, as a trainer, coach, mentor and facilitator. He’s passionate about learning, in particular how it helps people grow their self-esteem and find their unique purpose. He’s admired Lighthouse’s approach to people and learning for a long time so when he was given the opportunity to join our team he didn’t hesitate. Grant is a keen photographer and enjoys lots of exercise, in particular cycling and walking in the beautiful Norfolk countryside.

Kerry Ball


About Kerry
Prior to starting at Lighthouse, Kerry worked in the Insurance Industry for 20 years. Outside of work, she enjoys days out with her family and friends. If Kerry has any spare time, which is rare with having twins, she enjoys walking. This September she completed the South Coast Challenge in Eastbourne, where Kerry walked 25km for charity.

Caroline Byrne


About Caroline
Having recently worked in the health sector, Caroline joined the admin department in 2022 and enjoys being part of a busy, friendly team. Away from her desk, Caroline loves spending times in the great outdoors and discovering new places.

Lorraine Edwards

Apprenticeship Support Administrator

Lorraine has worked in customer service for out 20 years, she enjoys working and being part of a busy team. In her spare time she enjoys spending with with her family and friends, going to the cinema, pub quizzes, walking – especially by the beach, Zumba and Bounce.

Sales & Marketing

Roy Lusher

Sales and Marketing Manager

About Roy
With 35 years of sales experience, Roy has a passion for teamwork and community. Married for 30 years and proud father of 4, he believes he has perfected the art of Dad-jokes… 🤦‍♂️

Matthew Rawlings

Client Relationship Manager
tel:07783 553314

About Matt

Working for 15 years within a college setting and going through an upward trajectory to Head of Management and Professional. Matt enjoys the three R’s, rugby, reading and running. He is happily married and has a daughter at Uni and son about to take GCSEs.

Alan Beale

Customer Relationship Executive
07377 905719

About Alan
Alan has experience of working in retail and wholesale management roles, the insurance sector, the building industry and now with the sales & marketing team at Lighthouse. Outside of work, Alan has a keen interest in art, music and the theatre.

Sarah Bevan

Marketing Executive

About Sarah

With 13 years’ experience in the marketing and design world, Sarah looks after branding, social media and all aspects of marketing for Lighthouse. When Sarah is not at work, she will be either looking after her young family, watching Doctor Who or trying to find some time to pursue her photography hobby.

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