Customer Service Specialist

Level 3

Who is this for?

This programme is ideal for those with existing customer service or support experience who wish to progress within their role. This may be people moving to a more senior role and/or taking on additional responsibility. It is also suitable for those in their first full time role. This could be in many type of industries or environments including contact centres, retail, webchat, service industry or any customer service point.



The main purpose of a customer service specialist is to be a ‘professional’ for direct customer support. You are an advocate of Customer Service who acts as a referral point for dealing with more complex or technical customer requests, complaints, and queries. You gather and analyze data and customer information that influences change and improvements in service.


Learner Journey

Our workshop topics are:

  • Business knowledge and understanding
  • Knowing your customers and their needs
  • Customer service culture and environmental awareness
  • Providing a positive customer experience
  • Customer service performance
  • Business focused service delivery
  • Customer journey knowledge
  • Customer insight
  • Taking ownership and personal responsibility
  • Service improvement
  • Working with your customers

These are the typical elements we may include in your programme: 

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Who is the training for?