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Management Training


We offer a range of programmes tailored to both junior or senior level middle managers.

Let us introduce you to someone whom you may recognise working within your organisation. This individual has probably been with you for a while and has been promoted to a management position because of their experience or technical knowledge. They’ve never had any management training but they’re muddling through. Meet the ‘Accidental Manager’. They might be getting by, but they’re not really managing performance, they avoid having difficult conversations, struggle to delegate effectively or motivate their teams. But what can you do?

How about investing in developing their management skills? We meet ‘Accidental Managers’ in just about every organisation we visit, and have created tailored management training programmes across sectors as diverse as manufacturing, the NHS, financial services, construction, and life sciences. We help managers develop skills such as:


‘Communication ‘

‘Developing Teams’

‘Individual & Team Resilience’

‘Performance Management’

‘Managing Change’


‘Performance Coaching’

‘Time Management’

“If you are brave enough to put yourself in the hands of a professional organisation like Lighthouse, not only do you renew your enthusiasm, but you also learn how to get the best out of your staff so that we all benefit.”

– Call centre manager of a Call Centre Client

It is often said that people leave managers not companies and engaging managers are one of the four enablers of employee engagement. Ask yourself: how engaging are your managers? How much would your organisation benefit if your managers engaged their teams effectively?

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