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Our blogs are designed to challenge, inspire and help you to be the most effective you can be. If you’ve completed a Lighthouse programme before, we know you will have gone away with changes to implement, personally, with your team and even organisation-wide. We know that sometimes life gets in the way so here are some reminders to keep doing all the great stuff you’ve committed to.

Inattention to Results

Being a part of a team is only necessary when the results you are seeking to achieve cannot be accomplished by an individual or the independent efforts of individuals. In any team, there comes a point where different team members will need to defer to the needs of the...

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Avoidance of Accountability

When a team has a desire to perform and has committed to a plan, it follows that no one wants to be the one to let the others in the team down, so peer-to-peer accountability should be a natural behaviour. The fact that it is rarely seen in teams indicates how unusual...

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Lack of Commitment

Once everyone in the team knows that their views have been heard and have been taken seriously, it is much easier to buy-in to whatever decision is made, since very few decisions will receive 100% consensus. Often where teams display a lack of commitment, it is often...

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Advocacy vs Enquiry (Fear of Conflict part 2)

One of the most powerful tools for enabling healthy conflict is utilising enquiry-based questions. Most people, when engaging in conflict will simply advocate their own position. This leads to a ‘tennis match’ of views going backwards and forwards as each tries to...

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Fear of Conflict

Once a team has established high levels of trust, this enables it to engage in productive debate about important issues. Failure to do this leads to poor decision-making, a lack of buy-in from those who disagree and any conflict that does exist surfaces in other ways...

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Absence of Trust

Today we’re starting a series looking in detail at how to overcome the Five Dysfunctions a Team as described by Patrick Lencioni in his book. Great read if you’re after some summer reading! It’s impossible to overstate just how pivotal vulnerability-based trust is for...

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Are you missing an opportunity to grow your business?

It’s not often that an offer of free money comes along, and yet, right now SME’s can benefit from 90% funding to develop their leaders and managers. Unfortunately, many small business owners are missing this opportunity because of confusion and misinformation, not to...

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Do you manage like Donald Trump?

The evidence so far is that Donald Trump is exercising a command and control leadership style. The plethora of Executive Orders, whose legality has been questioned by some, together with his ruthless firing of those who disagree, such as acting Attorney General, Sally...

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Are you doing jobs which are beneath you?

I spend a lot of my working life meeting with leaders and managers from a wide array of organisations. One thing that strikes me is that regardless of the industry or sector, many of the challenges they face are remarkably similar. Time and again, I hear people...

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Would Albert call you Insane?

So, it’s another new year. In January, we often think ahead about what we would like to be different by the end of the year. We dream dreams, and imagine a better future: new customers, more motivated staff, increased productivity, or maybe just a to feel a little...

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